Online Training
Learn to build and manage your own Aquaponics ecosystem in just 30 days.
Enabling you to grow tasty fish and veggies for life!
Go fishing in your backyard!
Feed your family with healthy homegrown food!
Are you disappointed with the food being offered to you by suppliers?
Have you ever spent hours trying to find information on aquaponics that you need without success?
The hurdles holding you back with your Aquaponics project:
  •  You don't know what information on the internet is reliable
  •  Nobody is sharing the "secrets" of Aquaponics
  •  You don't know where/how to start. The more you learn, the more information confuses you
  •  Maybe you have started your ecosystem but your plants are not growing well and not producing strong roots
  •  Maybe you have started your ecosystem but your fish have died
  •  Maybe you have started your ecosystem but you can't get the Bell siphon to work
  •  You are unclear about how to build a sustainable ecosystem
  •  You don't know how to start your Aquaponics system, what size suitable for your needs and what fish species to use
  •  You don't know how to balance the pH and manage the other water parameters
  •  You are unsure of what materials you can use and what crops you will be able to grow
  •  You would like to know the parameters to check and get some building tips
  •  You want to know where is the best position and size for your ecosystem dependent on your requirements
The THREE big disadvantages of online forums:
  •  You don’t know who to talk to because even the webmasters are hiding behind pseudonyms. How do you trust someone that you don’t know? Even more challenging when your fish's lives are at stake!
  • They are often too complex, not clear, the information is presented haphazardly, the volume of information is confusing and overwhelming.
  • They struggle to build a reliable source of information that takes into account the most important element: "YOUR NEEDS"!
The result is you are tired and frustrated,
This is normal and I completely understand.
All this information is essential to your Aquaponics success to grow sustainable and healthy food in your backyard!
The information you need to progress and grow sustainable and healthy food using an Aquaponics ecosystem is:
  •  How to build your own aquaponics set up
  •  What ratios are critical 
  •  The principles of aquaponics, how to put it into place and how to maintain it
  •  Aquaponics limits 
  •  How to monitor the water quality
  •  How to select suitable fish that will grow
  •  How to select vegetable species 
  •  How to put this process in place to achieve aquaponics success! 
All this is available by joining the "EASY AQUAPONICS TRAINING for sustainable growers"
Who am I to give advice?
I am...

  • An author of Aquaponics: "The art of Aquaponics"
  •  The founder of Melbourne Aquaponics: Aquaponics design and production
  •  A trained Aquaponics teacher
  •  A qualified Aquaponics consultant
  •  Qualified in both Fish and Plant biology
Master degree
Food Science specializing in Seafood and Aquaculture
Aquaculture degree specializing in
"Quality and Environment"
 Qualified in landscaping
specializing in
"Ornamental pond design"
With this training, you will see guarantee results!
Full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
You will be taking no risks with this training. If by following all the advice provided, you are unable to grow your own food using an Aquaponics system, I will reimburse your investment.
By subscribing to the "EASY AQUAPONICS TRAINING" you will get:
  • A full module dedicated to the Aquaponics principle and nitrogen cycle + the ecosystem foundation
  •  A special focus on the ranges and critical limits to consider in Aquaponics
  •  A full section about Aquaponics design including: media selection, bell siphon and equipment selection
  •  A close up on the cycling process and water parameters, including: target, measurement and actions.
  •  A module on fish and plant selection and requirements. Plus the general maintenance of the system
  •  All the key information to be amongst the best Aquaponics experts in the world
  •  The reassurance that you progress on a good path towards sustainable and healthy food production!
Access to the module "Aquaponics principles/ecosystem"
(value $154 USD)
Access to the module "Limits and ratio" (value $174 USD)
Access to the module "Aquaponics design" (value $175 USD)
Access to the module "Cycling process - Testing water" (value $185 USD)
Access to the module "Planting / Introducing fish and maintenance" (value $195 USD)
Access to 5 Bonus videos (value $155 USD)
+ Self-evaluation process to avoid mistakes   ==>   invaluable
By subscribing to the “EASY AQUAPONICS TRAINING” you will also receive five amazing Bonuses to make sure that you get the extra info to help you grow extra healthy food!
I am offering you:
  •  Full access to the “EASY AQUAPONICS TRAINING”
  •  The ability to produce sustainable, healthy and tasty food! 
  •  The creation of a real feature in your own garden / backyard / terrace / balcony / room! 
  •  An opportunity to be proud of producing sustainable food with your own resources! 
  •  Happiness, spending quality time watching/feeding your fish! 
  •  A no risk solution! Think about all the mistakes you could have made building an Aquaponics system without this training: 
  •        -Tons of money wasted! 
  •        -Hours of research spent! 
  •        -The life and wellbeing of your fish!  
  •        -No need for nutrient supplements! 

Here is an excerpt from lectures included within training to give you an idea of the information you will have access to:
For a few hours spent building your setup, following our advice you will have the ability to harvest healthy food for as long as you choose!
What our students think about Melbourne Aquaponics trainings:
All this is possible by subscribing to the:
"Easy Aquaponics Training"
5 Modules FOR ONLY pre-launch price of $197 USD (RRP $1038 USD)
  • Module 1: Aquaponics principles/Ecosystem                      Value $154
  •  Module 2: Limits and Ratio                                                       Value $174 
  •  Module 3: Design                                                                         Value $175
  •  Module 4: Cycling process/Testing water                             Value $185 
  •  Module 5: Planting/Introducing fish and maintenance   Value $195
  •  5 Bonus videos: 
  • 12 Step process, Oxygen, Bell siphon, Build your setup,
  • Practical pH management in Aquaponics                            Value $155
  •  Self-evaluation process to avoid mistakes                           Invaluable
Do you really want to continue being dependent on lower quality food from supermarkets, or would you like the ability to produce sustainable, tasty and healthy food in your backyard?
NOW ONLY $197 USD (RRP $1038 USD) or four installments $57 USD
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