Aquaponics Success 
or your money back!
What You'll Learn:
Build a stylish above ground setup!
28 step by step videos to build the
Stylish wooden Aquaponics setup of your dream!!!
One of the most aesthetic above ground setup in the world
Learn from others.
Monthly group coaching to learn from each other, overcome any challenge and diversify your aquaponics production!

Build your knowledge.
Learn to build and manage your own Aquaponics ecosystem
Enabling you to grow tasty fish and veggies for life!
Welcome an Oasis in your backyard!
The only guide to build a landscaped aquaponics ecosystem
Most productive and aesthetic aquaponics pond in the world
When can you access the training?
The coaching sessions will take place once a month from an online tool (similar to skype). The training videos are accessible on a private online platform 24/7. You can follow each chapter at anytime of the day or the night and follow the training as many times as needed.
Any risk involved with this investment?
With this training, you will see guarantee results!
Full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
You will be taking no risks with this training. If by following all the advice provided, you are unable to grow your own food using an Aquaponics system, I will reimburse your investment.
Who am I to give advice?
I am...
  • ​An author of Aquaponics: "The art of Aquaponics"
  • ​The founder of Melbourne Aquaponics: Aquaponics design and production
  •  A trained Aquaponics teacher
  • ​A qualified Aquaponics consultant
  • ​ Qualified in both Fish and Plant biology
A maximum of value!
With the annual private aquaponics club you have access to:
  • One year access to the training Easy Aquaponics (value $1038)
  • One year access to the training Bespoke Aquaponics: (value $1400)
  • ​One year access to the training Bespoke Aquaponics: (value $1400)
  • One year access to the Group Coaching (value $1200)
       (Total value: $5038)
If the only thing this training would do for you would be to produce healthy food for you and your family, it would probably worth way more than the estimated value of $5038 right?!
On top of it, aquaponics will reconnect your family with nature and help you to build a real feature in your backyard that you will be very proud of!
The total value of this package is huge ($5038 USD) however, I want to offer my community the chance to succeed at aquaponics. Exceptionally today you have the possibility to access the private aquaponics club for $497 USD only
(limited time offer)
Any question? contact me at:
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