INTRODUCING: A Full day aquaponics course From a world-Reknown aquaponics Instructor
 Full Day Course @ Mentone (Melbourne Australia)
Physical Aquaponics Training class
If you want to learn more about this wonderful topic that is aquaponics or if you are thinking of starting your own aquaponics system you can book a seat for our one day aquaponics course at Mentone (Melbourne Australia).
  • ​Hands on introduction to aquaponics course adapted to all levels
  • ​You will learn the crucial limits and ratio of aquaponics.
  • ​I will share the secrets we use to make sure all our aquaponics systems are productive and healthy. 
  • ​Learn how to grow vigorous fish and keep disease away. 
Our hands on course will allow you to understand what is aquaponics, we will see what type of production is possible. We will understand the critical parts and ratio of aquaponics and build a system all together. After this course you will be able to check your water parameters and maintain them in the targeted range.
You are one class away from your own aquaponics food production.
Discover the best method to keep a balanced ecosystem and the secret to minimize maintenance.
Find out the undisclosed trick to keep your system productive even after years of practice!

   The Best Way To Learn Aquaponics for Beginner.
  A Detailed and Easy-to-understand Class, even for Newbie.
   Given by The World Reknown Aquaponics Instructor.
    Lunch Provided
"...I am confident to start aquaponics!"
"'s extremely practicle!"
"...I am ready to start!"
"...This Thing Really Works For Me!"
"...You Won't Believe Til You See It!"
"...It's A Life Saver! I'm So Thankful!"
If you have the opportunity to be physically present at Mentone (Melbourne Australia area), this event is for you!
Event Date: 30th July 2022 @ 10am
Price: only $147 for the full day, lunch provided
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Jonathan Martinetto
P.S. : I look forward to meeting you :) Get ready for a fantastic experience!
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