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Stylish wooden Aquaponics setup of your dreams!!!  
Most of us become very excited when it comes to put an aquaponics system together.

Unfortunately, if the beginners focus on the technical side, they often forget the aesthetic of the system and end up with a very ugly looking system...

With Bespoke aquaponics you access a step by step training to build a system with the below qualities:
  •  Efficiency: The system design produces a maximum quantity of food!
  •  Aesthetic: One of the most aesthetic systems in the world!
  • Useful: Not only an aquaponics system, it's also a bench in your backyard!
You are one Training away from A Stylish Setup!
If you try to build an aquaponics system by yourself without my support, you will probably end up with something looking more or less like this:
If you don't see the problem with this, ask your other half if she/he would be happy to have this in the backyard...
You would probably be ashamed to show this to your guests. It looks more like a gas factory than a natural ecosystem...

I always do my best to integrate aesthetic in my aquaponics projects. After years of trials and errors, I came up with a unique design. Here is the secret

If you want your aquaponics system to look good, you must: 
-Use natural materials
-Avoid visible pipes
-Avoid screws, and nuts
-Have a tidy and pure design
I am very excited since I finally linked aquaponics production efficiency with aesthetic. And on top of that, I added a new function to the aquaponics system, it became a green bench! 

I first offered those unique aquaponics systems to my local customers. They are thrilled! Furthermore, I realized that I could help the whole world by offering instructions and support in building the system.

But how to help the world producing an aquaponics system?

The response to this question is the training "Bespoke Aquaponics"!

 "Bespoke Aquaponics" is a series of step by step videos to easily build the most beautiful aquaponics system in the world.
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Jonathan from Aquaponics Revolution
P.S. : This training will change your life and I am glad to contribute to this change :)
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