transform your backyard into an oasis, produce food and reconnect with nature!  
Producing food such as vegetables and fish in your own backyard is very satisfying.
Sharing your production with friends and family is one of the best things life has to offer.
But another very fulfilling activity is to reconnect with nature, observe plants and animals interacting in a rich ecosystem.
With holistic aquaponics you will be able to welcome a real oasis in your backyard and reconnect with nature on your doorstep.

  • Efficiency: This unique system design maximizes food productivity!
  • Natural: offers a number of biotopes allowing the richest ecosystem ever and bring wildlife in your backyard.
  • Aesthetic: Not only an aquaponics system, it's also an ornamental pond!
You Are One Training Away From transforming your backyard into an Oasis!
Generally when unexperienced people try to get creative with ponds / aquaponics, it ends up with something looking more or less like this:
Not only it is very ugly but it is not productive neither. 

After years of aquaponics and landscaping practice, here’s what I discovered: There is a way to not only produce food but also reconnect with nature from your own backyard!

I discovered that I obtained the best results when natural cycles were replicated at their best. This including a multitude of habitats and a rich biodiversity.
Innovative approach
Reconnect with nature
• Transform your backyard into an oasis
Harvest food with love and happiness.
• Brings harmony in your own home
But how will I help you to bring this ecosystem to life in your backyard?

o I put together a step by step training to identify the best area for your holistic aquaponics and put it together in your backyard. 
o The training contains clear and simple instructions articulated into modules available 24/7 on an online platform

Who Is It for?
• This training is perfect for those of you who value nature connection and food quality/availability.
• If you’re a minimum handy and willing to do a little bit of work for an amazing result or able to engage someone able to safely handle a shovel and a drill, then this was designed specifically with you in mind
Enroll for the training Now!
Price: USD $197 Only (real value $2,200)
yearly access to the Private aquaponics club including all training + monthly coaching
PRice: USD $497
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Jonathan from Aquaponics Revolution
P.S. : This training will change your life and I am glad to contribute to this change :)
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